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The information listed below reflects Sections IIA-IIB in the 2023 E6 Enlisted Promotions References and Requirements Catalog.

If there are no references listed for your AFPT/AFSC/RI/SDI, please contact your local WAPS monitor.

If you have other questions or concerns about the information and/or materials listed on this page, please contact AETC A9 SAS Airman Advancement at afoms.tea@us.af.mil.


Index of SKTs for Promotion to TSgt. To see the list of references required for an AFS, click on the title.

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AFPT/AFSCREV #AFPT TitleRefer to Part 3 Section II for Note Details
1A07173In-Flight Refueling Specialist Craftsman (Includes all shreds)1, 2
1A17173Flight Engineer Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
1A27173Aircraft Loadmaster Craftsman (Includes all shreds)1, 2
1A371 73Airborne Mission Systems Specialist Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
1A67173Flight Attendant Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
1A871 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
1A872 Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator CraftsmanPFE only
1A971 73Special Mission Aviator Craftsman (Includes all shreds)1, 2
1B471 Cyber Warfare Operations CraftsmanPFE only
1C07273Aviation Resource Management Craftsman 
1C171 73Air Traffic Control Craftsman 
1C37173Command and Control Operations Craftsman 
1C571 73Command and Control Battle Management Operations Craftsman (Includes D shred) 
1C671 Space Systems Operations Craftsman (Transferred to USSF and USAFR)PFE Only
1C77173Airfield Management Craftsman 
1C87373Radar, Airfield, & Weather Systems (RAWS) Craftsman 
1D771 Cyber Defense Operations Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
1D772 Spectrum Defense Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
1D773 Cable and Antenna Defense Operations Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
1H071 73Aerospace Physiology Craftsman (formerly 4M071) 
1N071 All Source Intelligence Analyst CraftsmanPFE only
1N171 Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Craftsman (Includes A shred)PFE only
1N271 Signals Intelligence Craftsman (Includes A and C shreds)PFE only
1N371 Cryptologic Language Analyst Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
1N471 Cyber Intelligence Craftsman (Includes A shred)PFE only
1N472 Cryptologic Analyst & Reporter CraftsmanPFE only
1N771 Human Intelligence Specialist CraftsmanPFE only
1N871 Targeting Analyst CraftsmanPFE only
1P07173Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman (Include A and B shreds) 
1S07173Safety Craftsman 
1T071 73Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Specialist Craftsman 
1U071 73Sensor Operator Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
1U171 73Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Pilot Craftsman (Includes shreds O and R) 
1W07173Weather Craftsman 
1Z171 73Pararescue Craftsman1
1Z271 73Combat Control Craftsman1, 2
1Z371 73Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Craftsman 
1Z471 73Special Reconnaissance Craftsman 
2A071 73Avionics Test Station and Components Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A271 73Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems CraftsmanPFE only
2A272 73Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems CraftsmanPFE only
2A273 73Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery (SOF/PR) Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems CraftsmanPFE only
2A37373Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A374 73Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A375 73Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A37773Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (5th Generation) Craftsman (Includes A and B shreds) 
2A37873Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman (Includes A and B shreds) 
2A57173Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A57273Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman (Includes B and D shreds) 
2A57473Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2A671C73Aerospace Propulsion (TF33, CF6, F103, F108, F117, TFE-731, TF39, PW 2040, F138 Jet Engines (Airlift, Special Mission, and B-52 aircraft)) 
2A671F 73Aerospace Propulsion Craftsman (F100, F101, F110, F118, F119, F135, TF34 Jet Engines (A-10, B-1, B-2, F-15, F-16, F-22, F-35, U-2 aircraft)) 
2A671H 73Aerospace Propulsion (Turboprop and Turboshaft) Craftsman (helicopter, propeller, tiltrotor aircraft) 
2A67273Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman9
2A673 73Aircrew Egress Systems Craftsman 
2A674 73Aircraft Fuel Systems Craftsman 
2A67573Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Craftsman 
2A676 73Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Craftsman 
2A771 73Aircraft Metals Technology Craftsman (Includes A shred)1
2A772 73Nondestructive Inspection Craftsman 
2A773 73Aircraft Structural Maintenance Craftsman 
2A775 73Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance Craftsman 
2A871 73Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems Craftsman (Includes E and J shreds)PFE only
2A872 73Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems Craftsman (Includes E and J shreds)PFE only
2A971 73Bomber/Special Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
2A972 73Bomber/Special Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
2A973 73Bomber/Special Electronic Warfare and Radar Surveillance Integrated Avionics CraftsmanPFE only
2F071 73Fuels Craftsman 
2G071 73Logistics Plans Craftsman 
2M071 73Missile and Space Systems Electronic Maintenance Craftsman (Includes all shreds) 
2M072 73Missile and Space Systems Maintenance Craftsman 
2M073 73Missile and Space Facilities Craftsman 
2P071 73Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory Craftsman1, 2
2R071 73Maintenance Management Analysis Craftsman1, 2
2R17173Maintenance Management Production Craftsman 
2S071 73Materiel Management Craftsman 
2T07173Traffic Management Craftsman 
2T17173Ground Transportation Craftsman 
2T271 73Air Transportation Craftsman1
2T371 73Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance Craftsman 
2T377 73Fleet Management and Analysis Craftsman 
2W071 73Munitions Systems Craftsman 
2W171 73Aircraft Armament Systems Craftsman 
2W27173Nuclear Weapons Craftsman 
3D070 Cyber Operations Craftsman (Includes 3D071, 3D072, and 3D073)PFE only
3D074 Computer Systems Programming CraftsmanPFE only
3D171 Client Systems CraftsmanPFE only
3D172 Cyber Transport Systems Craftsman (Includes R shred)PFE only
3D173 RF Transmission Systems CraftsmanPFE only
3D174 Spectrum Operations CraftsmanPFE only
3D177 Cable and Antenna Systems CraftsmanPFE only
3E071 73Electrical Systems Craftsman 
3E072 73Electrical Power Production Craftsman1, 2
3E171 73Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Craftsman1, 2
3E271 73Pavements and Construction Equipment Craftsman1, 2
3E371 73Structural Craftsman1, 2
3E471 73Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Craftsman (Includes the A Shred) 
3E473 73Pest Management Craftsman1, 2
3E571 73Engineering Craftsman1, 2
3E67173Operations Management Craftsman 
3E77173Fire Protection Craftsman 
3E87173Explosive Ordnance Disposal Craftsman 
3E97173Emergency Management Craftsman 
3F071 Personnel CraftsmanPFE only
3F171 Services CraftsmanPFE only
3F271 Education and Training CraftsmanPFE only
3F371 Manpower CraftsmanPFE only
3F47173Equal Opportunity Craftsman 
3F571 Administration CraftsmanPFE only
3H071 Historian CraftsmanPFE only
3N07673Public Affairs Craftsman 
3N1/3N2/3N3 Regional/Premier Band Craftsman (Includes all shreds)PFE only
3P07173Security Forces Craftsman (Includes A and B shreds)PFE only
4A071 73Health Services Management Craftsman (Includes S shred) 
4A171 73Medical Materiel Craftsman 
4A271 73Biomedical Equipment Craftsman 
4B071 73Bioenvironmental Engineering Craftsman1, 2
4C071 73Mental Health Service Craftsman 
4D07173Diet Therapy Craftsman1, 2
4E07173Public Health Craftsman 
4H07173Respiratory Care Practitioner Craftsman1, 2
4J072 73Physical Medicine Craftsman 
4J072A Physical Medicine (Orthotic) CraftsmanPFE only
4N071 73Aerospace Medical Service Craftsman (Includes B, D, and F shreds)1
4N071C 73Aerospace Medical Service (Independent Duty Medical Technician) Craftsman 
4N171 73Surgical Service Craftsman 
4N171B 73Surgical Service (Urology) Craftsman 
4N171C 73Surgical Service (Orthopedics) Craftsman 
4N171D 73Surgical Service (Otolaryngology) Craftsman 
4P071 73Pharmacy Craftsman1, 2
4R071 73Diagnostic Imaging Craftsman1, 2
4R071A 73Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine) Craftsman 
4R071B 73Diagnostic Imaging (Diagnostic Medical Sonography) Craftsman 
4R071C 73Diagnostic Imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Craftsman1, 2
4T071 73Medical Laboratory Craftsman1, 2
4T07273Histopathology Craftsman1, 2
4V071 73Ophthalmic Craftsman (Includes S shred)1
4Y071 73Dental Assistant Craftsman (Includes H shred) 
4Y072 73Dental Laboratory Craftsman 
5J07173Paralegal Craftsman 
5R07173Religious Affairs Craftsman 
6C07173Contracting Craftsman 
6F07173Financial Management and Comptroller Craftsman1, 2
7S07173Special Investigations Craftsman 
9S100 Scientific Applications Specialist CraftsmanPFE only


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RI/SDITesting to GradeIndex of Reporting Identifiers and Special Duty IdentifiersNOTES
8A200E5/6Enlisted AidePFE Only
8A300E5/6ProtocolPFE Only
8B000E6Military Training InstructorPFE Only
8B200E6Academy Military Training InstructorPFE Only
8B300E6AFROTC Training InstructorPFE Only
8B100E6Military Training LeaderPFE Only
8C000E6Airman Family Readiness NCOPFE Only
8D100E5/6Language & Cultural AdvisorPFE Only
8G000E5/6Honor GuardPFE Only
8G100E6Base-Honor Guard Program ManagerPFE Only
8H000E6Airmen Dorm LeaderPFE Only
8K000E5/6Software Development SpecialistNote 11
8L100E5/6Air AdvisorPFE Only
8L200E5/6Air Advisor Basic, Team SergeantPFE Only
8L300E5/6Air Advisor Basic, Team LeaderPFE Only
8P000E5/6CourierPFE Only
8P100E6Defense AttachPFE Only
8R000E6Enlisted Accessions RecruiterPFE Only
8R200E6Second-Tier RecruiterPFE Only
8S000E6Missile Facility ManagerPFE Only
8S200E6Combat Crew CommunicationsNote 11
8T000E6Professional Military Education InstructorPFE Only
8T100E6Enlisted PME Instructional System DesignerPFE Only
8U000E5/6Unit Deployment ManagerPFE Only
9A000E5/6Enlisted AirmanPFE Only
9A300E5/6Enlisted AirmanPFE Only
9A500E5/6Enlisted AirmanPFE Only
9E100E5/6Command Chief Executive AssistantNote 11
9F000E5/6First term Airmen Center NCOICPFE Only
9I000E5/6Futures AirmenNote 11
9L000E5/6Interpreter/TranslatorPFE Only
9M200E6International Health SpecialistsPFE Only
9P000E5/6PatientNote 11
9U000E5/6Enlisted Airman Ineligible for Local UtilizationPFE Only