How to use your Airman Development Testing Chart?

The Airman Development and Testing Chart (ADTC) is used by the Air Force to identify the relevance of Air Force Handbook (AFH) 1, Airman, testable content for the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) as well as to determine subject matter content for inclusion in applicable enlisted promotion study guides. Testable content comprehension levels were determined by survey of all active duty chief master sergeants.

(Note: The MKTS is being replaced by the ADTC)

The primary purpose of the ADTC is to relate test content relevant to promotion with desired comprehension levels. It is the primary measurement to ensure enlisted promotion tests are developed to the required AF-level of knowledge for enlisted promotion to the next grade.

The ADTC is an outline of the subject matter content in AFH 1. For promotion testing purposes, the level of comprehension necessary for each section is identified by rank using a scale of A through D. Enlisted Airmen should use the chart to identify the levels of comprehension of subject matter content for the enlisted promotion exam and development expectations associated with each rank.

2017 Military Knowledge and Testing System Chart

Quick Access to the 2017 MKTS: 2017 Military Knowledge and Testing System Chart.docx

The MKTS chart (located in the study guides as attachment 1) consists of letters (A, B, C, & D) and numbers (1, 2, 3, & 4).

The letters indicate the desired level of understanding applicable to each particular rank as Air Force Professionals.

The numbers indicate the importance of the information to each particular rank as Air Force Professionals.

Note: Sections identified with “4” indicate that the information in that section is valuable to a particular rank as Air Force Professionals, but the section is NOT testable.

Note: Sections identified with "N/A" indicate that the information is NOT required of a particular rank as Air Force Professionals, and is NOT testable.

The MKTS chart can help you save time preparing for promotion testing by using the numbers identified within each paragraph or section. These numbers let you know what information is the most important to know for your particular grade. A good study strategy would involve spending more time understanding the information labeled as a “1” or “2”, but that as an Air Force Professional, you should take some time to look through all information pertaining to the rank you are seeking. The team of Chief Master Sergeants who write the promotion tests use the MKTS Chart as a guide to develop test questions applicable to each 'testing to' grade.

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Air Force Handbook 1, Airman (AFH 1) v2019 and the 2019 Enlisted Promotion Study Guides will support the 2020 and 2021 promotion (and supplementary) testing cycles for Airmen testing for promotion to the ranks of Staff Sergeant and Technical Sergeant.



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