The multiple choice and true/false questions presented here function as a supplementary aid to AF Handbook 1 (AFH 1), serving as a point of reference and resource for ongoing professional development for Total Force Airmen. The subsequent information does not mirror the exact questions that may emerge in any enlisted promotion examination. The provided questions in this context were not formulated in collaboration with, nor do they possess awareness of, any promotion test content or its formulation process. The multiple choice and true/false questions in this section represent a sample of the content featured in the corresponding chapter of AF Handbook 1. The questions are found on the myLearning website.

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Chapter 01 - Aviation History

Chapter 02 - USAF Heritage

Chapter 03 - Air, Space, and Cyberpower

Chapter 04 - Military Organization and Command

Chapter 05 - Doctrine, Joint Force, and Mobilization

Chapter 06 - Enlisted Force Development

Chapter 07 - Assessments and Recognition

Chapter 08 - Enlisted Promotions

Chapter 09 - Assignments and OccupationalCodes

Chapter 10 - Personnel Programs and Benefits

Chapter 11 - Finance, Manpower, and Resources

Chapter 12 - Developing Organizations

Chapter 13 - Developing Others

Chapter 14 - Developing Self

Chapter 15 - Developing Ideas

Chapter 16 - Emergency Management

Chapter 17 - Security

Chapter 18 - Standards of Conduct

Chapter 19 - Enforcing Military Standards

Chapter 20 - Military Justice

Chapter 21 - Fitness and Readiness

Chapter 22 - Dress and Appearance

Chapter 23 - Military Customs and Courtesies

Chapter 24 - Professionalism