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Enlisted Study Guide Cover Gallery

Effective Dates for Study Guides

These study guides will remain effective until promotion cycle September 2017.

The new study guides are currently being revised.  They will be effective for the promotion cycle beginning in December 2017.

How to Use your MKTS Chart?

The MKTS chart consists of letters (A, B, C, & D) and numbers (1, 2, 3, & 4).  The letters indicate the level of understanding for each particular rank to include information that is non-testable. The level of understanding increases as the rank increases. These letters support the professional development of our NCOs and have no correlation to your promotion test. The numbers indicate the importance of the information and any paragraph or section identified with a “4” is non-testable. The non-testable (4) information is not included within your study guide.

So the MKTS chart can help you save time preparing for promotion testing by you using the numbers identified within each paragraph or section. These numbers let you know what information is the most important to know for your particular grade. This means a good study strategy would involve spending more time understanding the information labeled as a “1” or “2”. You need to know all the information, but some information is deemed more important than others. Finally, the Chiefs who write your promotion test will use the MKTS Chart as a guide to help determine what information should be considered for your promotion test.

Armed Forces Insignia

Enlisted Rank Insignia
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