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2015 Study Guide MP3 Files

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The MP3s provided here are an aid for those who prefer to listen to an audio presentation of the material.

This information provides Airmen a self study retention tool to prepare for enlisted promotion testing and does not constitute any type of importance or relation to actual promotion fitness exam or USAF supervisory exam.

The intended use of these files is for personal study, such as downloading to an Mp3 player, home use, or converting to a CD to play in your vehicle.

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   SECTION        TITLE             TIME            SIZE
   1.9   Airpower in World War II: The European Theater   21:48   29MB
   1.10 & 1.11   The Tuskegee Airmen & Air War in the Pacific     13:44    18MB 
   1.12   Air Force Independence and the Cold War    16:31    22MB 
   1.13 & 1.14   Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) & Vietnam, 1961 - 1973    18:18    25MB 
   1.15   The Post-Vietnam Era and the end of the Cold War    16:00    21MB 
   1.16, 1.17, & 1.18   Desert Storm (The Air Campaign against Iraq, 1990-1991), Operations Provide Relief, Impressive Lift, and Restore Hope--Somalia (1992-1994), & 
Operation Allied Force
  18:58    26MB 
   1.19   Operations Noble Eagle, enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom (Global war on Terrorism)   18:26    25MB 
   1.20 & 1.21   Historical Perspective & Airman Exemplars   1:10:21    96MB

TIME      SIZE         
   2.2   Milestones of World War I (1917-1918)   4:30    6 MB
   2.3   Milestones of World War II (1939-1945)   17:27     23 MB
   2.4   The Cold War (1948-1991)   1:28     2 MB
   2.5   The Berlin Airlift (1948-1949)   2:39     3 MB
   2.6   The Korean War (1950-1953)   4:19     5 MB
   2.7   The War in Southeast Asia (1950-1953)   2:45    3 MB
   2.8   The Air War Expands (1965-1968)   3:25     4 MB
   2.9   Vietnamization and Withdrawal (1969-1973)   3:30     4 MB
   2.10   Humanitarian Airlift   6:18     8 MB
   2.11   Post-Vietnam Conflicts   8:58     12 MB 
   2.12   Gulf War (1990)   5:48     7 MB
   2.13   Operations Provide Comfort and Northern Watch, Iraq (1991-2003)   3:38     5 MB
   2.14   Operation Southern Watch, Iraq (1992-2003)   3:37     4 MB
   2.15   Operations Provide Relief, Impressive Lift, and Restore Hope 
--Somalia (1992-1994)
  3:54     5 MB
   2.16   Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti (1994)   2:22     3 MB
    2.17    Operation Provide Promise, Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  3:46     5 MB
    2.18    Operation Deny Flight, Bosnia (1993-1995)   3:12     4 MB
    2.19    Operation Allied Force, Kosovo (1999)   2:44     3 MB
    2.20    Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom    3:46     5 MB
    2.21    Operation Anaconda   1:18     1 MB
    2.22    Operation Iraqi Freedom   4:30     6 MB
    2.23    Iraq and Afghanistan   17:28     23 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B & C   Command Authority & Department of Defense   12:30    17 MB
   D   Department of the Air Force   45:25     62 MB
   E   Functions of Other Services   7:27     10 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Air Force Doctrine    1:49:55    150 MB
   C   Air and Space Expeditionary Force    31:32    43 MB
   D   The Joint Force    33:26    45 MB
   E   Joint and Coalition Capabilities    14:54    20 MB
   F   Joint Operation Planning and Execution System    8:15    11 MB
C Air Force Incident Management System 1:33 2 MB
D Incident Management System 2:50 3 MB
E Major Accident and Natural Disaster Threats 6:24 8 MB
F Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Enemy Attack
and Terrorist Use of Material Threats
27 MB

   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Law of Armed Conflict   25:36    35 MB
   C   Code of Conduct   24:19     33 MB
   D   Everyday Conduct   24:14     33 MB
   E   Ethics and Conflict of Interest Prohibitions   10:32     14 MB
   F   Political Activities   10:54     14 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   The Air Force Inspection System   12:15    16 MB
   C   Inspector General Complaints Program   11:28     15 MB
   D   Individual Standards   22:15     30 MB
   E   Punitive Actions   31:07     42 MB
   F   Legal Issues   47:03     64 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Symbols   25:28    34 MB
   C   Professional Behavior   10:17     14 MB
   D   Drill and Ceremony   28:49     39 MB
   E   Honor Guard   1:44     2 MB
   F   Protocol   1:09     1 MB
   G   Distinguished Visitors (DV)   4:55     6 MB
   H   Military Ceremonies   6:10     8 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   The Enlisted Force Structure    1:33:45    128 MB
   C   Enlisted Professional Military Education    20:13    27 MB
   D   Military Ethics     3:38    3 MB
   E    Enlisted Force Development    10:09     9 MB 
   F   The Profession of Arms: An Airman's Perspective    23:51    32 MB
   G   Personal Professionalism     8:59    12 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Leadership    1:00:04    82 MB
   C   Followership    5:46    7 MB
   D   Mentoring    11:58    16 MB
   E   Developmental Counseling    23:21    32 MB
   F   Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD)    7:31    10 MB
   G   Mentorship    7:22    10 MB
   H   Strategic Leadership    4:56    6 MB
   B   Training Management   27:43    38 MB
   C   Community College of the Air Force   17:04     23 MB
   D   Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative Program   3:32     4 MB
   E   Education   13:08     18 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Traits of a Healthy Team   9:59    13 MB
   C   Managing Resources Other Than Personnel   24:59     34 MB
   D   Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution   8:23     11 MB
   E   SNCO Day-to-Day Resource Management   2:27     3 MB
   F   Government Property and Equipment   9:52     13 MB
   G   Facility Management   8:48     12 MB
   H   Energy Conservation Program   6:27     8 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Communication Basics   2:13    3 MB
   C   Seven Steps for Effective Communication   24:56     34 MB
   D   Writing   8:33     11 MB
   E   Face-to-Face: Speaking and Listening   14:37     20 MB
   F   Electronic Communications and the Internet   19:09    26 MB
   G   Conducting an Effective Interview    23:24     32 MB
   H   Staff-Level Communication   8:51     12 MB
   I    Instruments of Written Communication   2:58     4 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Manpower Management   10:16    35MB
   C   Enlisted Assignments   33:11     45 MB
   E   Reenlistment and Retraining Opportunities   18:48     25 MB
   G   Personnel Records and Individual Rights   17:30     24 MB
   H   Awards and Decorations   16:18     22 MB
   I    Airman Promotion System   34:53     47 MB
  J   SNCO Promotion Program    23:27    32 MB 
  K   Manpower Management   7:34    10 MB
   L    Commercial Services Management   8:55     12 MB 
   M    Civilian Personnel Management and Programs   33:18     45 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   C   Military Pay, Allowances, and Entitlements   42:40     58 MB
   D   Leave Management   25:59     35 MB
   E   Equal Opportunity   17:36     24 MB
   F   Legal Services   7:45     10 MB
  G   Ground Safety   24:56     34 MB
   H    Risk Management   32:08     44 MB
  I   Sexual Assualt   18:28     25 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Physical Fitness and Fitness Components   34:35   47 MB
   C   Nutrition   21:51    30 MB 
   D   Substance Use/Misuse   30:05    41 MB 
   E   Tobacco Use   6:26    8 MB 
   F   Medical Care   13:58    19 MB 
   G   Suicide Prevention   35:39    48 MB 
   H   Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)    13:54    19 MB 
   I   Stress Management    11:40    16 MB 
   J    Redeployment Support Process    9:15    12 MB 
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Information Assurance   15:48    21 MB
   C   Installation Security   55:17     75 MB
   D   Antiterrorism Program   24:54    34 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Organizational Design   14:21    19 MB
   C   Managing Organizational Change   13:46     18 MB
   D   Conflict Management   16:00     21 MB
   E   Problem Solving   17:26     23 MB
   F   Project Management   29:34     40 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   A   Power   5:54    8 MB
   B   Unit Morale   11:00     15 MB
   C   Transactional Analysis   29:59     41 MB 
   D   Performance Counseling   33:27     45 MB
   SECTION        TITLE               TIME            SIZE
   B   Critical Thinking and Human Behavior   12:59    18 MB
   C   Critical Thinking in Groups   9:56    13 MB
   D   Critical Thinking and Organizational Culture   15:27    21MB

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Air Force Handbook 1, Airman, is the source document for all enlisted promotion study guides. Enlisted promotion study guides contain content that is used as study reference material, and is the same material used to develop the Promotion Fitness (PFE) and USAF Supervisory (USAFSE) examinations. Information in the study guides is tailored to only include MKTS applicable information for promotion to 'the next grade'.

Note: Be sure to refer to the Enlisted Promotion References and Requirements Catalog (EPRRC) for the correct PFE, USAFSE, and SKT study reference materials for upcoming testing cycles: https://www.omsq.af.mil/index.htm.



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