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Air Force Handbook 1, Airman (1 October 2015), and the 2015 (Testing to SMSgt) Study Guide, will remain the appropriate study reference materials for all MSgts testing in the 2018 E-8 promotion cycle (including supplementary testing). The 2015 Study Guide for enlisted promotion testing to E-8 is available for download at the AFH 1 Enlisted Promotion Study Guides homepage, www.studyguides.af.mil. _______ *For those studying early for next year (the 2019 E-8 promotion cycle), the Testing to SMSgt v2017 Study Guide has also been uploaded and is now available on www.studyguides.af.mil. If you have any questions or require any clarification, don't hesitate to ask at pdg@us.af.mil.
I also found the audio files very helpful for studying. I used to have to purchase them from commercial sources. Those sources are still available, but it's not something I can endorse since they're not official AF products. The AF decided not to generate MP3s of the handbook due to the small numbers of 'hits' on those links (cost/user)...things always change though. The AF has 2 things in the works, a digital app for AFH 1 and/or MP3 files for the AFH 1 (not officially approved yet). Here are 2 options that I've started looking into to try to help. 1) If you convert the study guide to word (right click, open with word, give it a few minutes to convert, save as a word doc), you can set up the document to have it 'read' to you. (Open word, you may have to click Enable Content on the yellow bar, select the blue File tab at the top, select options, select customize ribbon, select all commands, scroll all the way down the list to find Speak, now click on the New Tab button, double click on Speak or click add Speak, click OK, at the top of the screen you have a new tab with the Speak feature). To have it read, highlight or select all text and click Speak. It will read all selected text. It's a little robotic and slow, but it might help sometimes. If you turn it up, it'll hold your attention while studying. 2) yakitome.com is a free software that converts text to speech. You can watch a demo of it on youtube to see if you like it. I hope this helps a little bit. for everyone..
The AF has published an article regarding the official release of the AFH 1 v2017 and Study Guides. You can find it on www.af.mil under force management.
The AF has published an article regarding the official release of AFH 1 v2017 and the Study Guides: <a href="https://aflink.usaf.afpims.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1345483/af-officials-release-2017-air-force-handbook-1-airman-and-enlisted-promotion-st/" target="_blank">https://aflink.usaf.afpims.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1345483/af-officials-release-2017-air-force-handbook-1-airman-and-enlisted-promotion-st/</a>
***Official PA Release (per PACE)*** The October 2015 version of Air Force Handbook 1 and 2015 (testing to) SMSgt Study Guide is the appropriate study reference material for the 2018 E-8 promotion cycle starting with the 1-14 December 2017 testing window. The 2015 Study Guides, developed from the 2015 Handbook, and available for download at: http://www.studyguides.af.mil/. All subsequent Promotion Fitness Exams and the E-9 USAF Supervisory Exam will use the 2017 Air Force Handbook 1 and 2017 Study Guides. For any questions, please contact Mr. Kevin Denter at DSN 487-1712 or at Kevin.Denter.1@us.af.mil.
Hello everyone, As you may or may not know, the OPR for the AFH 1 and the Study Guides has recently changed from PACE to AAD. AAD is Airman Advancement Division under AETC. Other than the AFH 1 v2015 and v2017, the enlisted promotion study material has historically been under AAD...so it is officially under the original roof again. As we begin updating and editing for the v2019 in AAD, we remain in close contact with PACE with regards to the official release of AFH 1 v2017. PACE is preparing an AF-wide message so you should hear something very soon.
The link for the AFH 1 Study Guides on the AF Portal is renamed, but is still located on the AF Portal under QUICK LINKS. The new link on the portal is: AFH 1 Study Guides (formerly the Professional Development Guide). You will also be able to access the link to the AFH 1 Study Guides from this Facebook page. And, direct access to the link is: <a href="http://www.studyguides.af.mil." target="_blank">http://www.studyguides.af.mil.</a> *The AFH 1, Airman v2017 has not been officially released yet, but we will keep you posted via a banner on the AF Portal as well as on this Facebook page.
I hear you all. One positive thing is that everyone will have access to the study material simultaneously...if that's any solace for having to wait. I understand that doesn't help for those of you who would prefer to be more proactive...I get it. So, I encourage you all to provide suggestions and advice here that will support one another as you lean forward into the WAPS testing cycle. What do you recommend to each other to help you prepare between now and the date the AFH-1 / study guides are officially released?
Thank you all who have reached out to inquire about the status of the AFH-1 v2017. It is still being routed for publishing, but once it is published you'll be able to access it via the AF Portal, on e-pubs, and via the studyguides link on this facebook page.
The 2017 study guides should be released within the next 60 days. Currently, Air Staff is completing thier coordination and once completed any changes noted will be made prior to posting them on www.studyguides.af.mil.
The new 2017 Study guides are scheduled to be released soon after all Air Staff coordination is received. The first promotion cycle to use the new study guides are MSGt testing to SMSgt in December 2017.
The Mp3 files were updated to include title name (para or section number and title), album, and year. These updates were in response to request from Airmen in the field. Now when you download the file you can see the paragraph or section number appear in your Mp3 player screen.
Use these covers to determine you have the correct reference material for your testing to grade.
Looking for volunteers to help QC questions banks for the new study guides. We have question banks from the 2013 PDG and need to ensure the questions are still valid. Would like to start with chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10. If you would like to volunteer please send and email to pdg@us.af.mil and what chapter(s) you would like to assist with by 17 Feb 2016.
To view the Mp3 files will require you to hit the F5 key to refresh your screen. This must be done for each listed rank.
All 2015 Mp3 files for enlisted grade has been posted on www.studyguides.af.mil. The MKTS chart at attachment 1 within each study guide was used to determine what files were required for each enlisted grade. Please provide any feedback to pdg@us.af.mil
The correct link for the Mp3 will be www.studyguides.af.mil

AFH 1, Airman v2017

AFH 1 v2017 is located at: http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/#/?view=pubs&orgID=10141&catID=1&series=111&modID=449&tabID=71.

Or, go to: http://www.e-publishing.af.mil (search for AFHANDBOOK1 or HANDBOOK).


*For reference: the previous version of AFH 1 (v2015) is available here: